Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 Google AdSense Tricks to Increase Your Revenues

Freddy is going to take a break from the euphemisms today to return to his somewhat useful financial advice. Recently, Freddy has seen a slight increase in his click through rates for Google AdSense. Freddy needs to do a better job of monitoring his tweeks, though (no, that is not a euphemism) because he has made too many changes all at the same time to be able to know which tweeks may have resulted in increased revenues.

At any rate, Freddy came across a nice article at one of his favorite SEO websites ( the other day. It was a nice, short article with 10 quick tips on how to boost your AdSense commissions. Most of them you can do in 5 or 10 minutes.

Kalena Jordan, who wrote the article, claims that these are a good deal of the tips and tricks that the "self-proclaimed AdSense gurus and experts are sharing [...] for a fee." She is kind enough to offer them to everyone at no cost! (Thanks Kalena).

So if you have an AdSense account that you'd like to see the revenues and commissions increase, then Freddy recommends taking a few minutes to read through Kalena's helpful suggestions. Oh yeah, here is the link to the article: Top 10 AdSense Tricks To Boost Your Commission

Saturday, February 14, 2009

An Exposed Bin

Freddy was visiting a friend the other day. He had some trash that he wanted to throw away, but could not find where the rubbish bin had been placed. So he asked, "Where can I throw this away?" And his friend replied, "Oh, just open the cupboard , it's in there. I don't like having an exposed bin." Freddy, of course, replied, "Is that a euphemism?"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Euphemistically Speaking

A student told Freddy once:

"Sorry, I didn't finish my homework for today. I was busy last night helping my dad find his toupee."

Is that a Euphemism?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Euphemistically speaking...

Freddy was reading "Little Red Riding Hood" the other day and came across the following passage:

"The woodchopper carried Grandmother back to her bed. Then they all had a snack from Little Red Riding Hood's basket of goodies."

Is that a euphemism?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Euphemistically Speaking...

Today Freddy was in a colleagues office discussing a business matter. Another colleague entered and asked, "Can I look in your trash? I think I may have forgotten something."

Freddy said, "What's that supposed to mean, is that some sort of euphemism?" Which earned him a chuckle, followed by a dirty look, followed by a kick... and one last chuckle.

Freddy loves euphemisms!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another Way to Effortlessly Make Money on the Internet

A way to effortlessly make money on the Internet? Freddy is using the term, "effortlessly" with a few qualifications here. Search all you like, you will probably never find a (legal) way to effortlessly make money on the Internet. Even the illegal ways to make money often require more effort, and are more risky than the legal ways. Still, if you take a certain point of view, some things you may already be doing anyhow could bring in some extra income without requiring you to do any extra work (or very little, at least).

Freddy is talking about Google Adsense. If you are already blogging, it is not that difficult to set up an Adsense account and add a few ads to your page. Just a few on the side, maybe at the bottom (like you see on Freddy's blog, here). Keep adding regular postings to your blogs and if you're lucky, you may start to see to pennies start trickling in. All it took you was a few minutes to set up an Adsense account and adding it to your page.

If you think you're going to start see checks in the mail the first month after setting up Adsense, and starting a blog, you may be disappointed, though. Unless you're blog is very popular, meaning you have a high amount of traffic, those ad clicks will probably be few and far between.
Freddy has been blogging for about a year and a half now. He set up Adsense around February of this year, that's about 10 months ago. Freddy's blogs get steady traffic of around 15 to 20 views a day. Still, only recently has Freddy begun to see an increase in clicks on Adsense ads. It has taken a lot of dedication and patience to get this far.

Freddy would share with you more details about his Adsense statistics, but Google is very strict about following their guidelines, and the slightest infringement can get you banned for life. So Freddy is not allowed to share with you any specifics. Sorry.

At first, Freddy tried to create a blog that would show ads of the type that people are more likely to click on, but he gave up long ago on that. Freddy is not passionate about that kind of thing and did not have the motivation to continue writing posts on issues he wasn't really interested in. That's why it's much better (in Freddy's opinion, at least) to use Adsense as a sort of afterthought to something you're already doing. Creating a website, or a blog just for the purpose of attracting Google Ad clickers is boring, and it might even be against the guidelines set out by Google.

Is Google Adsense effortless? Well, it need not take much effort. One can easily add it to their web page or blog, continue doing what they've been doing all along and there is a good chance you will see some success. On the other hand, you can also put in quite a bit of effort, experimenting with different color schemes, ad formats, ad placement and so on. At any rate, Google Adsense is another legitimate way of making a bit of extra cash on the Internet.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Making Money Online With What You Already Have

Have you ever heard of the "30 Day Challenge"? Freddy thinks he heard of it sometime in the last year. He doesn't know much more about it than what it says on their home page, which is that "The Thirty Day Challenge is about making your first $10 online." The other thing Freddy knows about it is that he didn't discover it until after he had made much more than his first $10 online. Freddy does not intend to endorse the "30 Day Challenge". He has not been past their home page and has no idea about the quality of their program and training (it is free, though, so if you're curious...) But he is in agreement with the idea that you no not need to spend or invest anything in order to start earning money on the Internet. This is assuming, of course, that you have your own computer, some basic software and access to the Internet. These days it is safe to assume that most people already have these things, and therefore, probably do not need to spend any extra money.

Today, Freddy is going to tell you how he completed the 30 Day Challenge, without even knowing it. Meaning, he was neither aware of the existence of the 30 Day Challenge, nor did he know that he was earning money until a check came in the mail. Freddy used to do a little bit of photography, and he occasionally sold greeting cards, prints and calendars to his friends and colleagues. Having some success at this, he decided to try to sell some of his work online, but having limited website designing experience, he could not design a site which could handle taking orders and processing credit cards and so on. Furthermore, he was not aware of all the work it takes to promote your site and get traffic. At any rate, the photography stuff never panned out much for Freddy. A couple years later, though, Freddy had an idea for a silly t-shirt. Several friends were interested in ordering it, but not enough to make it worthwhile to have a large amount screen printed. It was then that Freddy discovered the on-demand printing world of Cafepress! Upload your designs, create your own "store", mark up your designs if you want to earn money, and they take care of the rest. Freddy uploaded his design and after his friends had a chance to order it, he marked up the price a little bit (what the heck!), uploaded a couple more designs that he had thought of and then forgot about them. ... Until a few months later when he got a check for $22! He saw that the check was from Cafepress, and logged back into his account to find that people were actually buying his quirky designs. Oh the joy!

With the $22 Freddy had completed two 30 day challenges without even trying. All he needed was a little creativity, a simple image editing program (there are free ones available out there if you search for them) and a computer with an Internet connection. Voila, Freddy was in business and EntropicTees was born! Now Freddy gives himself a 30 Day Challenge every month.

If you'd like to see how EntropicTees has grown since then, please visit the shop at CafePress to see the full line up of funny and weird t-shirt designs.